Recent characters

Owner: Sapphy
Name: Draconomicon
Species: Book (Magically Enchanted/Crafted)
Sex: Gendershifter
Orientation: Not Interested

Owner: Jackal
Name: Silvia
Species: Dragon wolf hybrid
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight

Owner: Alis
Name: Ulxank Ekuten
Species: ...Alien
Sex: Gendershifter
Orientation: Pansexual

Owner: Kyle
Name: Lazarus
Species: FoxPhoenix Hybrid
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: Jackal
Name: Louie
Species: Dragon hybrid
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay

Owner: Jackal
Name: Zap
Species: Fae dragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight

Owner: Whitewulf
Name: Serenity Rivera
Species: Dragoness
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: ZeroKoranamy
Name: ZeroTheBunny
Species: Rabbit
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: BlazeFlamewing
Name: Blaudr Lasgiathan
Species: Dragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight

Owner: Sapphy
Name: Uran and Shiirl-Kard Gilez
Species: High Elf and Night Elf
Sex: Genderless
Orientation: Omnisexual

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16.09.2014 19:03

Hai, folks!

I just realized something that I had previously forgotten... Google seems to preffer my old domain over the current one - I bet it is due to the .tk ending. So I have decided to give y'all a chance to peer around and throw suggestions at me whilst I am coding the new site.

Head to THIS link and look at the list. You can also try a new search and other variations or names that are close to the current one, and suggest them to me!

So if you ever feel bored (not like everyone happens to feel that way int he chat =) ...) then you can pick up on this and try it out.

Have fun!

15.09.2014 15:42

Due to my impatient nature for wanting to test out the kicking/banning system, I have caused some problems. Therefore, I would like to take the time to say that I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused for others. Especially Luke. As a moderator, I had felt that it was my duty to keep things in check. My biggest mistake on that day was I had not discussed things through with my other fellow moderators and administrators and instead went ahead with the test without telling anyone else but Luke. So on that absolutely embarrassing moment of hindsight, I look for forgiveness in my actions. Although I had the intention of helping out the Inn in mind, I did not think of the residents’ feelings at all, and for that rash offense, I am sorry.

That being said, I have no intention to drop, but in the future things I might tinker around with, I will inform others for permission for my antics and work with others instead of by myself.


06.06.2014 22:41

As you may have noticed, we've been experiencing some network related issues lately. This isn't under our control as the hosters of this server seem to be having technical difficulties. All we can do is keep permanent backups and hope that this issue resolves itself. We do appologize for the inconvenience.

03.06.2014 09:38

As you might have noticed, the site has been experiencing multiple network issues over the last two weeks. To fix this, the router of the server will be updated on june 4th, at midnight (EST). During this time, the site might be unavailable for about 2 hours as the router system is switched out. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, however it will benefit the actual network performance and should make the Inn alot more stable.

29.03.2014 17:23

Hey everyone.

Now that the staff meeting is over, the following moderators have been choosen and set into action:

  • Zuflux
  • Imagine
  • Argents

Furthermore, we will soon see some cosmetic changes, as I am adding:

  • A rules page
  • A page of "fun facts", or "fun rules".
  • A form for sending complaints to the staff.

So, stay tuned on things!

  • Ingwie

27.03.2014 10:31

Quick update: The meeting will be scheduled early saturday afternoon! An exact time is not set, yet.

22.03.2014 01:30

Hey everyone.

Been a while since I posted here - but this is becoming more and more necessary.

Nobody of you probably knows - but in truth we actually have four moderators - from who only two are really active. These are currently:

  • Sapphy
  • Ranshiin
  • SolidusSnake
  • Lesia

Its a fact, that Snake is on rather rarely to never, which means that I have to talk about his status. Sapphy freely decided to drop down to a VIP and Lesia needs to be removed anyway; she is not going to return any time soon, that is her RL's fault.

This leaves only one moderator left: Ranshiin. Yikes! So what this means:

In the name of the Dragon's Inn, I am officially searching for two moderators.

For those that are new to that kind of "season", here is how it works:

  1. Send an email to: with a subject that will let me know that its about the Dragon's Inn staff registration. Something like this should work: Dragon's Inn staff application.
  2. In that email, make sure to let me know who you are! This is very important, otherwise I will just drop the email into my trashcan o-o.
  3. Answer the following questions in your email:

- Why would you like to register as a moderator? - What makes you a good moderator? - What do you think you can contribute to the inn - aka., what are you really good at that can help the inn evolve in one way or another?

Then, wait. Because during the next weekend, we will be voting for the new moderator. For that vote, we will have my sidekick Excel, thus all current - if they are going to be present - moderators and the VIPs that decide to come. The plan for the staff meeting itself will include some more topics than the voting itself - some things that concern the Inn are gong to be discussed too. Talk to your vip or staff friend, so they can bring in a topic that you would like to have discussed in the team - now is the chance to get that concern in!

CAUTION: I do not like to take staff applications via the chat! Please email it! That has to do wit the way I organize these kind of things and its mandatory for the housekeeping of the Inn.

A special moderator requirement during this search period is especially the following: We need a moderator that can cover past-european times! Somebody with a good time difference to Germany or the Uk will do, cause that is when Ran and Me go to bed - Excel too, sometimes at least... ;). But it's very important that these times are covered properly.

Now now! Let's flood the bird's inbox, right? :) I'll review your application, and we will see each of them during the meeting! So all that you write might become visible to the VIPs that join the meeting.

More information about the meeting will follow during this week. Stay tuned, stay warm~

-Ingwie Facebook: Personal | The Inn Skype: wlaningwie

04.03.2014 01:19

Hi everyone,

Due to a number of factors, the old default sound pack in the Chat has been removed. However, don't fear. I, Excel, created 9 brand new soundpacks from you to choose from, ranging from very soft and quiet, to intrusive and loud ones - so choose one you like~ If the sounds do not work for you, you might want to try to clear the cache of your browser and reload the page (This might take a little while for the first time). After this, click the Settings button in the chat, and choose a soundpack of your desire.

I am currently working on more, so stay tuned! I also always welcome feedback! So, let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for a future pack!

11.12.2013 22:22

Hey hey!

Yes, a pretty cool thing here... :) Here are some stats!

  • The 2000th (very recently) char goes to this:
  • The 1000th char is:
  • The 500th char is:

Have a nice day!

(If you want to know any other number, query me for it in the chat! :3)

11.12.2013 22:28

Hey, everyone!

Yes, I have a short "About" statement to make. The reason is a very recent talk I just had - and its pretty important.

The user had an issue with another user first, about their RL. Instead of packing it into whispers, they put it in the lobby - one red flag. The second red flag however, came when the user explained to me that the "site didn't suit them". So they requested an account deletion.

I WILL NOT delete accounts - period. If you have an issue with the site, one of the staff, or the community - just leave it behind yourself. Maturity is a piece of gold you should archive before running up to the admins. We, yes we, try to help where we can to resolve problems and issues. But we will NOT delete accounts because you don't have the balls to leave. Edit: (Solidus) Or you don't trust yourself to not come back. Besides, you can just make another account anyway.

For anyone who is curious about what caused me to publicly announce this, read this statement here.

This is why I prefer Yiffy. The staff are competent to actually do a simple request instead of expanding it

Kind regards, Ingwie