Ingwie Phoenix Ingwie

Category: English | Position: Main | Owned by: Ingwie

Basic Details

Species: Phoenix
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Place of birth: World of Phoenixes


Height: 1,89 m
Weight: 50 kg
Eye color: Blue
Eye style: Birdish
Hair color: White with a soft yellow
Hair style: Wide and full
Hair length: Reaches his waist


Clothing: Red leather panties to match his feathers, to hide his junk.
Additional appearance details: He is nude, period.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Ingwie was a very casual phoenix, but one that loved to live strange. There is not much to say about his history, other than that his parents are still alive and living happyly in the world of phoenixes, and both running a restaurant there. He himself does work at a company and keeps the computer network in tact and loves to peer around and snuggle, hug and talk to people. If you have long hair, the chance is great that he will be wanting to hug you.

Additional description

Wingspan of one wing: 1,97 m
Width with both wings spread: 3,94 m
Feather color: Lightful Red
Feather texture: very soft
Hair texture: thick but soft
Body build: Elegant, twinkish, soft

His groin is covered by red pants, because his junk isnt covered enough by feathers - and he gets aroused really quick, so he wears pants fitting to his feathers to avoid becoming a walking stand for stuff :) . His beak is actually long (can be seen at: click ).

He controlls the warmth and can greatly BBQ somebody if he does a mistake, or if somebody is really, really, really getting on his nerves.

Magidragon relation

He was recently blessed by Ceinios and is now able to use Magidragon magic!
Thanks to his studdies and hard work, he was recently gifted a space ship! Find references below.

"Need a barbeque? Well, Ima here!"
"Gimme long hair and ill do you a favor! ^^"
"Hey, you sad? *Hugs* I'll be here for you as long as you need me my friend."
"War is ugly, not even make-up can help on that."
"What i like? Uh, I like...blowjobs... ^///^"


Long hair, good conversations and of course the night. And he likes neon colors.


Stress, harrassment, angryness and war.


Mate: Ravyn Blackstar

  • Anthy Himemiya
  • Goop (aka. Ranshiin)
  • Bass Angel
  • Faith (nick'd as "Pearl" because she is so shiny)
  • Ryder
  • Alice
  • Kurama
  • Reiko

Has no master, slaves, children or alike.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: Loves to recieve blowjobs, but will give anything else with great pleasure.

Drawn by WeirdDragon

Drawn by...someone who keeps changing their name. At the time of drawing:
By LynnTheSergal

Drawn by Lusyndra. It was a surprise draw which she made in roughly a half hour O.O

Cute-looking version. Also from Lynn.

Very first version, drawn by the amazing Kavi. Sadly this version had gone wrong in a few aspects. The wings for example had gone wrong and my beak isnt black. But the rest was the basis for all the newer artworks.

Original can be found here: Giftart: Ingwie

Drawn by the ever-amazing RedVernal, 2013

Drawn by RedVernal, on iPad

Ingwie's Space ship! Woo. Source is Deviantart. I lost the link, adding artist credit later.

Designed and made by Sapphy!

Drawn by Skull Stomper via FA. Dated at probably 2013. Featuring Moon and Ingwie in his tiny, feral form.

An icon - made by Taala. 2015

Ingwie and his love for cheeseburgers. By YD, 2015

Ingwie loves his hair! By BlindWatchMan, 2015

Together with his gryphon friend Red, Ingwie can take off! Done by RedVernal, 2015

The Workflow. How I code! By Taala, 2015

By Tokaido, 2015

"The thinker" by Tokaido, 2015

Ingwie ready to duel! By Dragonrace1, 2015

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