Gavoratizon Gavo

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Basic Details

Species: Demon (Dragon-Phoenix-Unicorn hybrid)
Sex: Male
Orientation: Omnisexual
Place of birth: Realm of darkness


Height: 2,10m
Weight: 100kg (most are his muscles)
Eye color: White
Eye style: Pale
Hair color: Green/Blue
Hair style: Casual human-grown hair + mane
Hair length: Both reaches his waist, a little below


Makeup: None.
Clothing: Has no use for it.


Condition: Alone
Alignment: Bad
Sub-Alignment: Middle
Type: Darkness' being
Status: Good



Gavoratizon is a demon - and that also declares how he was born....he was created.

His creators, five on total, wanted a being that was the pure incanation of darkness and hate and destruction. But the creation failed in a few places, like a bug in a programm code. He grew emotions and this confused him for good. He mostly has the dark thoughts people wanted him to have, though he also does have some feeling for caring about people. There are not many that are protected by him - but those who are must be quite secure and proud...

Additional description

His body unifies feathers, scales and fur.
- The head is covered by scales, his throat as well though the sides start to grow fur under and between the scales, where his chest, stommach and crotch-area are fully feathered with fur growing underneath.
- His arms and legs are scaled, and his wings are fully feathered. People say, that because of his wings being feathered, but being in a dragon's wing shape, he has a major speed-plus when flying.

Many artworks have put feather-tufts on the top of his wing. Only the wing insides are feathered, whilst the rest is the usual membrane. He also does not have the opften depicited white "fur ring" around his wrist. It actually is an accessoir that he wears sometimes.

Gavo's hair probably needs some more explanation too. It consists of two parts - both are individual growths and mirror the tripple hybrid that he is.
- The bottom layer of his hair, has to be drawn and aknowledged as a horse's mane. It grows the same way, flows the same way but is fair longer. It goes all the way down his spine, making it end above his waist/butt.
- The top layer of his hair is the typical kind of hair growth. It starts at the back of his head and grows from only there - like human hair, or casua hair in general. Its in a bright green, very long - he keeps it a bit longer than his horse mane - and very thick and stubborn.

As both his hair layers are thick, it can easily be confused that its just the same hair growth, but the green hair "lays" ontop of the blue, making a sort of big hair-mat on his neck and back.

His scales, are non-shiny, claws on his feet long, and he has some fear-making teeth visible in his maw (probably best he doesnt give oral, right? xD).

Gavoratizon is known to be a great dark magican, being able to walk along walls as a shadow, and traveling as a cloud of dark mist. Since he is partially a phoenix and dragon, he also controls the dark-versions of those species' skills: He can burn into ashes, create his own version of fire (basically phoenixfire, just in a blue/black color - and very cold), and use it to travel. From the dragons he got the strength for the magic that he uses ocassionally.

Gavo also taught himself lots of own tricks, making it possible for him to do way more with the darkness under his control. Well, Gavo does what a demon does.

In his usual time, he either sits in the hotel's rafters, or is in the town hunting victims for sex. But he won't ever - with very few exeptions - attempt a rape inside the hotel or within it's walls.


Scaring people.
Since he knows what he is, he does what he is said to do by his mind. Making people creep out and be scared is a somewhat fun for him...sometimes though.
Being free.
He doesn't know rules - so that describes his lifestyle.
He really lives as he feels, having no real plans at all and living after the quote "I was made, so i have nothing to loose".
Taking what he wants.
This mostly means: If he sees somebody who he defines as "cute" or "hot" to himself, he has no problem with walking right up to the person, and eighter directly asking for sex, or raping them straight ahead.
He will get it the one or another way - if you're cute, avoid the night :p


Being forced to do something.
If you try to force him, he will get extremly mad.
Being reminded of his past or the way he was born.
Topic is self-explaining.
Being forced to speak about his past, or remember his creators.
Although he has successfuly killed his creators, it is really NOT a good idea to remind him on those, or to make him at least speak about what he has seen. There are indeed things a demon like he regrets.


He is a good friend with Excel, who gave him a mini-version of the hotel which was made out of gold. It allows him to watch the entire hotel without having to move anywhere - a neat tool.

Mo's child Mokato seems to be one of his favorite targets as well, since he admitted that he liked it (even he thinks that is kinda strange).

Gavo's closest friend so far is Elyas.

Amisi is his newest slave - you can feel sorry for her since she was forced to become his slave.
His favorite travel-allay is Shi'ran. He enjoys the company of the dragon and the all-around way they both fit together. He also got to see some of the more unique magic that he possesses, including to see his home at the hotel too.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: Anything that involves blood, really.

Scanned version of the traditional drawing. Its the most correct picture to use as refference.

Traditional drawing of Gavoratizon.

Old and very first drawing. Not good for refs since things are wrong here....

Ref sheet, done by BlindWatchMan, 2014

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