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Basic Details

Species: Dragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: 2019-04-00
Place of birth: The dark side


Height: 1,90m
Weight: Unknown
Eye color: White
Eye style: Pale
Hair color: White
Hair style: Horselike hairmane
Hair length: Reaching up till the end of his tail


Makeup: None
Clothing: Sometimes a short, blue, jeans...but thats really all he woud wear.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Middle
Type: Darkness' being
Status: Good



After Mo was born, he found himself as a baby at the dark side, a realm where the destruction was what we would call...economy. This was a realm where those who defined themselfes as "the good guys" lived on constant-danger.

The tine Mo grew up, he learned how to kill. He was forced to work as a sort of merchant for a short time, but then, after it was discovered that he was not the kind of stealth-man, he was settled into the simple army, where he was sent into a sort of Boot Camp, where people simply wanted his death. This was also the first time for him, where he was nearly killed. But thanks to his good fighting and defending abillities at this time, he maybe found a way out of there, and found himself a different job too.

After he left the army for good, he worked at a food restaurant. But the meat had to come somewhere, so it was to him to hunt, catch and kill the animals that he found. Sometimes he was even sent to kill people who might wanted to murder the boss of the restaurant.

After years passed and Mo grew quite older, he decided to leave. He didn't want this sadness and fear anymore - mostly not the killing. He was sick of all the blood he had to see, and all the murder he had to do. So he took the simple way around and ran..for his entire life. But during his fleeing, his parents and persons that felt themselves close to Mo came up.
This was the real last time he ever did a murder which he didnt regret. During the time he ran off, he killed likely everyone on his road, which soon made him end up at the forest, bleeding like no tomorrow and nearly dying again. But as he looked up into the sky, some strange sound made him get up, and repeat what he heared.

As he woke up again, he found himself at a beach, his wounds covered with bondages, and himself laying on a sunlayer. Soon after, he learned that the one who helped him out was already killed by the ones who took chase on him. He never got any informations about the person that saved his life, but intimately, he calls him José - and guesses that it was a him.
He then learned that he was in a whole different world...not world...planet. Mo found himself on a german beach. And that changed his life forever.
Althogh the ones that survived from his murdering of his chasing people came up to him, he was healed again and ready for battle. During the battle though, his whole hairmane got burnt down into nothing but smoke, and he was nearly killed...once again. The only reason he got out of there was because he sung that strange words again, which recovered him. Afterwards he called it "Song of life", which he never ever wrote down or sung again, but has deep in his mind.

Mo then managed to have a live at Germany, in a cave. He used to simply surprise the visitors who wanted to go into his cave, by talking to them mentally, so they wouldnt see or find him at all. But then, some very strange feathered persons showed up...and once again, his life changed a bunch. Legiza and her step father King Legiza found him and took him to their home, where he grew out. He grew out all of his wounds, scars and markings, managed to heal himself completely and get himself a healthy life.

Since these days, he was able to travel between Earth and the world of phoenixes. This kinda enhanced his whole life: He always got a hide!

Years later, he traveled to the world of phoenixes with a friend, Err'en, on his side. But the tragody happened, that one of the phoenixes seemed to have become quite evil and eventually managed to murder Mo successfuly. But Err'en was quick in moving his parents to the place, who turned out to be Cry'a and O'ri. Both gods from a different realm which was, at this point, unknown to Mo. Those two managed to resurrect Mo, since they have been in-place very quick and in time, and had to curse him with the body of a wolviex.
O'ri later taught him how to turn back to his dragon disguse, which then enabled Mo to live as a Wolviex (where he represents a demi-god of Light and Darkness) or as a standart and average dragon.

Years after this happened and after he had been adopted by Cry'a and O'ri as their step son, he married Cry'a.

Additional description

He can change his form into a wolviex.

He is a demi-god, which allows him to take advantage of a few White and Black Magic things. He can travel between the realms he lives at, can heal himself or others, or such things. Or he can be quite offensive, and attacking the targets soul directly. But by taking a look at his dislikes, it should be clear what he really never ever has used yet...

Mo is also the proud owner of Na'Terra.

But, honestly - Mo tries to behave like any other mortal, meaning that you will barely notice what position he has.


Mo simply likes to flirt. After all, he has been missing lots of years for that. He likes to have sex, flirt with others and maybe find new friends or some very close persons this way. He also doesn't say no to a good drink, or going out with a group of people. Mo is simply very social, friendly, happy and mostly ready for everything, and also likes to do lots of naughty jokes or naughty/sexual refferences.


In short: He dislikes EVERYTHING that connects to his past, war, battle or anything violent. Indeed, he does have a little kink for violence at all, but in generall he just doesnt like it. He also doesnt like it, when people walk up to his pales and mates, and acts dubassly, or wants to hurt them. This mostly causes Mo to become rather crazy and wild. Its not a good idea to mess with him at this moment, because in his heat of protection, he might turn into a wolviex...into a demi-god.


Step mother: Cry'a
Step father: O'ri
Half-brother: Err'en
Half-sister: Shadow


  • Cry'a: His wife. He simply adores, loves, protects and sometimes prays to her. She is, what he would call, his life's sense.
  • Moon: Female human. Mo is super attracted to her. She is his "love from the moon".

  • Makoto Neptunus: He's a feathered drake, and a Dijirin. And one of Mo's pets.
  • Blaze: Anthro dragon with a latex-fetish. He qite likes to have him on his lap, he thinks it looks cute from far away when people watch him and Blaze.
  • Nimuniel: An angel who found his way to Mo by something like an accident. Although its obvious that the previously slave loves being around Mo and enjoys calling him his master.
  • Ceinios: A brown haired magidragon with green scales, and the live of a god. Normally one of that kind of persons Mo would not have expected to get asked to become their master. Well, Ceinios did that, and Mo is now a proud master of a god of creation.
  • Shirin aka. Sherry

  • Cetera Sunstrider: An elf, who tried to kill Makoto, and ended up being his slave. She sometimes has to hold her head as a punching ball at all... Btw., she used to be a slave-trader herself.

  • Shi'ran
  • Gavoratizon

Mo is no pet/slave to anybody and doesn't plan on doing so.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: Mo ADORES ferals and long haired ones and loves to take them from behind as well to have a "nice view" over them.

Mo's 2013 design drawn by the original artist of him!
Drawn by Tiberiumfreek aka. SmexyOryx

Mo in ... BOXERS!
Drawn by Taala, 2013

The first time Mo was drawn with ALAS (which is spain and means wings)!! Totally love this drawing still. It also is Mo's 2012 design.
Drawn by RSDraco, 2012

Another Mo in boxers - but way older and wing-less.
Drawn by RSDraco, 2012

Mo's original - or even earlyer, i forgot. o.o;
Drawn by the ever-amazing Tiberiumfreek alias SmexyOryx

Mo as a Wolviex, his demi-god form.
Drawn by Tiberiumfreek aka. SmexyOryx - Wolviex species owned by Riu Err'en

Another time, Mo as a real wolviex with fighting gear.
I got this when I was helping a coder/artist fix their stuff =)
Drawn by Sasha@MediaHunt

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