Enzo Baptême Baschet-Chauveau Enzo Baptême

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Basic Details

Species: Goat
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay
Place of birth: Paris, France




Enzo is Irène's father and local pastor at the church Rem-Rem works at, but despite his profession as a person of the faith, he is incredibly lewd and takes much pleasure in secret one-on-one sessions where he can delve into naughty business with his fellow clergy and any of his service attendees that desire his individual 'lewd' baptisms. All members of the Crystal Butterfly Syndicate but Jean-Luc (and Irène, who learned of the Syndicate from word of mouth at the academy he attends, Cours Molière,) were applicants of the lewd baptism methods, making his church a bit of a 'hiring agency' in disguise.


Sex, despite it being against his religious code
Irène's new 'friends'
Irène himself


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