Xynu Shinizuki Xynu

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Basic Details

Species: Dragoness
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Place of birth: Kenya, Mombasa


Height: 2.75 m
Eye color: Red
Eye style: Dragonic
Hair color: White
Hair style: Thick and spread (DBZ S.S. 3, more info below)
Hair length: It covers her butt and a bit more, thats it.


Makeup: She uses some to highlight her eyes
Clothing: Short skirts, and short-armed shirts - in red. She loves red.
Additional appearance details: She wears a golden necklance with a Yin-Yang attached


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Darkness' being
Status: Good



WIP In sumary: She is a whore by heart, loves to tease and will do all the crazy things you could only imagine.

Additional description

Xynu's hair is very much the same as a Super Saiyan 3 - but, a few changes are there indeed.

  • It does not "build" over her head - so the upper part is thinner.
  • It is plain, shiny, white. In proper sunlight, it can even realyl reflect the light. Unlike Saiyan hair, which glows by itself, her hair doesn'T - it just reflects extremely well.
  • Her hair is more flat and natural - Saiyan hair looks like some weird kind of glue was used to keep it spiked XD. No, her hair is just really wide and nice - but really thick also.

Otherwise, Xynu has grey scales and has a thing for red clothing of any kind. She knows that red is a very "attractive" color - and on her grey scales, it pops out and makes her visible - which is her goal after all. She also wears huge and tall wings - and uses them for all kinds of things, including tease. In addition, her whole body is very well trained - she can bend almost into a circle, making professional pole-dancing looking like she never did anything else.

Her actual body build therefore is very feminine, but she has obviously trained arms and legs - they just look not as ultra-thin as some other feminine arms and legs do.

Xynu's head is a bit wider and she got out-standing ears - they are a bit taller than the average. Same goes for her tail. But that is, because she uses it for (BD)SM activity as well, making it well trained, stable and pretty strong.

The only non-average thing is her boob-set. She has pretty nice, round and obvious breasts. Not ultra-thick, but pretty much bigger than the average. And yes, they're real too.


She likes to chat and flirt - but she loves to make money. Xynu will try a lot of different stuff - from the typical whore-kind over to really psychic methods - to get your wallet into her lap, or between her breasts.
Other than that: Dancing, Hugo (drink), Singing, Shopping.
And especially: Using her teasingful ways to obtain sales wherever she is. Because, she can. #LikeABaus.


Those people that say prostitution is not a job, should be forbidden, or alike Also those kind of people that treat their streetworkers as their slaves, don't pay them and alike. Yes, Xynu is happy to be a whore, and very proud of her personal standart.


She actually has none.

"Come closer, and your money will have a relationship with my breasts baby...~" -Xynu's thoughts


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: She loves being a dom, but if the customer asks her to be, she'll be a sub. In personal and real sex, she is a straight domt hough.

Drawn by BlindWatchMan on FA, 2014

Drawn by YD, 2014

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