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Basic Details

Species: Neon-Phoenix
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: 1813-03-18
Place of birth: World of Phoenixes / Akanuma


Height: 1,97m
Weight: 62kg
Eye color: Changing - usually aqua
Eye style: Huge bird eyes
Hair color: White with an obvious lime-green within
Hair style: Its long and straight, no curls. It covers 90% of his back
Hair length: Knees


Makeup: None
Clothing: Rave-ish
Additional appearance details: He wears gloves in different neon colors, depending on his mood. He also wears silver necklances with an eye-symbol. His knees seem to be covered by knee-protectors - but they arent. These are just neon colored knee-cloth he loves to change, depending on


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Middle
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Flarp is a very special phoenix - or more, one of a few. He, as a neon-phoenix, is a rarity in itself.

This crazy peeper was born in the middle of nightlife. His dad taught him DJing, his mom dancing. Both are alive as well. Flarp went to a not-so-good school, but he doesnt really care. He now makes his money by working as a Girls Friday in a bunch of different clubs and is always avery famous guest - and very loved. There have been people who tried to get him for a long time relationship - but he decelined. To himself, Flarp decided to stay free and open. he will totally spend a lot of time with you, but he will never stay with one "forever" - he is just that hyper and crazy.

As a DJ, he often plays Electro Swing, and actualy he can sing it quite well himself. He has a very deep toned voice and is capable of singing operas - but he, as a electronica lover, doesnt give a damn on this! You will mostly find him raving thru clubs, dancing on tables, and taking out the hotties.

He hasn't had much tragic in his past, which is why he is also known as "Smiley". The tragic times he has had werent a lot and he got away from the thoughts of such. Instead, he lives into the day, doesn't make plans, and will be that person that sticks out of a crowd. Even when he isnt in a club and hears a song he knows and likes, he will just sing along loudly, wherever he is - train, bus, road, everywhere.

Additional description

Despite being a neon-phoenix, he has the same abilities as a regular one. The difference is: His fire is entirely and extremely BRIGHT and neon-green! That is why his best magic ability is to tone his fire down a little - he also can tone it up, depending on how much light he needs.

His other ability is to become goo. Glowy goo even! He has made himself some fun just becoming glowy goo on the dancefloor and being an "extra light-decoration".

Other details about his appearance:

  • Beak color: shiny (kinda reflecting) black
  • Claw (toe) color: Black, no reflection
  • Wing width: 90 cm
  • Wing height: When fold, the wings are only visible - when looking at his back - from the base of his neck till his butt - they even cover a little part of his birdiebutt. When spread a little, they have the same height as when fold - but when they are spread far, the wings extend to where the tip is more like at the center of his head - position wise.
  • Wing design: His wings are more dragony, so they are quite thick and have a pretty strong outside and the upper tip is hard enough to be used for poking. The wings can also be used as some sort of shield and are somewhat transparent - he has nearly no feathers on his wings, only the frame and the backside - and there, only very tiny and soft feathers at the outside but the center is feather-free and just lightly fuzzed.
  • His talons are in a lightly darker green thant he rest of his body and have thick scales - showing off how much he actually uses his feet. They also look strong enough to be used as a weapon, however, he'd enver do so.
  • Likes

    Dancing, singing, shouting, DJing, drinking, chatting, being LOOOOOUD.


    Fighting, war, anything violent.
    He will be the one to take the stress outa da club.

    There is an exception...he has some sort of fetishes about glood and roughness when it comes to the more intimate things.


    Enough...his list is long. Some he knows:

    • Ingwie
    • Legiza
    • Glubsch

    He recently got to meet Mo and his family and is offering him to DJ at the hotel sometimes!


    Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
    Additional adult description: Fetishes: Blood, Roughness, Hair, Feet

    RedVernal, 2013

    By BlindWatchMan, 2015

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