Soiniec Xartois-Nazgraol Rubeus

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Basic Details

Species: Dopplganger Magidragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Omnisexual


Eye color: Black scelera, red irises (Under demonic influence) / White scelera, gold irises (Normal)
Eye style: Slitted (Under demonic influence) / Normal (Normal)
Hair color: Vivid Purple to Dark Grape Ombre Fade
Hair style: Starts straight, ends with curls
Hair length: 6 inches past floor length



Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Neutral
Sub-Alignment: Chaotic
Type: Darkness' being
Status: Good



Raised as a magidragon of one of the highest ranking Dark Arcana families, Soiniec's life was immediately sent asunder when he returned home from a late shopping trip to find his mother and father brutally massacred. Not wanting the same to happen to him, he immediately began to run out, but he was grabbed, and then stabbed fatally. Although his life as a mortal had ended, the person responsible for his family's massacre would revive Soiniec as a pawn for Baphomet, in an older version of his previous body- without any memories of his past and utter fielty to his new master. However, that would not last. After being killed for a second time, he was reborn as a normal dragon, who was tormented by the urges of the Dark and his former Lord to slay his newfound family. Once he found out he was nothing more than a pawn in Baphomet's game, Soiniec, in all of his demonic rage, brutally eviscerated his former Lord and lives peacefully with the target he was meant to slay: Nijiraios Mikaru-Nijillis.


His master, Gavoratizon.



Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

Source: Bethesda

Source: FFXII Revenant Wings.


Source: Unapplicable, handmade

Source: R2CK, by Fek. (Hair not present because hairstyles are lacking at time of creation)

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