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Basic Details

Species: Amazonian
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Place of birth: Mizuka / Halial / Amazonian's World


Height: 2,63 m
Weight: 102 kg
Eye color: Yellow
Eye style: Wide, open, human eyes
Hair color: Black
Hair style: little curly, and wide
Hair length: Reaches the upper part of her butt. Reaches to the middle of her breasts


Makeup: On her eyes, lipstick
Clothing: Rings, necklances, anything in gold that could be worn
Additional appearance details: She tries to look as beautyful as possible. What nobody could guess, her beautyful robe also can suit small weapons.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Venus has been a very usual and casual girl at the very most of her life. She went to school, and was a good girl at home, served the guests and helped her parents, learned for school and and sometimes met her friends. But one day, this kinda became boring to her, and she stole herself a load of books that would teach her how to travel between worlds and dimensions in an eye-blink. So she learned more about magic and taught herself more magic than she would ahve gotten taught at school (where soon everybody belived she was simply supernatural). And after she was able to travel around the universe, she started doing that.

She has seen many places, many species, and has seen many men. Yes, she likes playing with men alot, making him do what she wants, and simply watching how they drool and gwak at her when she passes by. Twisting one upside-down is something she loves doing.

Additional description

Amazonians in generel are very similar to elves. They have elvish shaped ears, and have them sometimes long on their head or sticking out sidewards. Sometimes so, sometimes so. They also share a great listening experience, and a huge amoutn of magic living within them. They are peaceful and have been living this way since alot of time.

Venus' usual clothing is:
Head: Similar to what Ishizu from YuGiOh ( Pic: )
Top: Yellow top with no arms. Amazonians are warmblooded, its hard for them to freze at all.
Arms: fingerless leather gloves in black
Lower body half: Black jeans with shorter legs so her lower legs can be seen as well
Toes: Sometimes she wears black shoes of soft fabric that is only known in the amazonian's World, but mostly she wears black Nike Airmax, because she thinks they are amazing. And yes, she found a vendor who made them fit to her toes.

She never puts her hair in a bun or similar, she wears it open all the time.

- Basic thunder magic
- Advanced nature magic
- Basic ice magic (odd fact: she learned that while it was a very hot day so she could freeze herself a little)
- Dimension traveling
- World traveling
- Moving small objects - max size is a table
- Household magic

Thats all she does. She lives the rest of her live very much like a human.


- Men
- Good atmosphere
- Smooth conversations
- Being playful
- Twisting other's minds upside-down and confuse them a little in a fun way
- Good and cold drinks - she loves coke fresh from the fridge.


- Violence
- War
- Politicians
- Restrictions
- Quietness
- Darkness


Good friends:
- Mo
- Legiza
- King Legiza
- Makoto Neptunus
- Xian Shimura

Even if it sounds odd, she also knows about Gavo and is friended with him. She stays away from him when it is night though, but she adores his massaging.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

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