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Basic Details

Species: Corrupted Dragon (Demon)
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Place of birth: Unknown


Height: 2.40m
Weight: 190kg
Eye color: Black with fire-red purpil.
Eye style: Dragonish, bit wider than usual.
Hair color: Has no hair.
Hair style: Has no hair.
Hair length: Has no hair.



Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Azrasil was created by a group of power-hungry demons, who wanted to kill and take over alot of species, and dropping them into slavery. But Azrasil, who was supposed to become a strong tool against the dragons, was probably the biggest fail in creation: His sense for right and wrong is entirely broken, so is his intelligence. He acts mostly like a little kid, but his body houses the power of a true destroyer.

After the creators had figured out what a fail he was, they tried to murder him and re-use his body and the rest of his soul. Although they didn't calculate Azrasil's childish thoughts. He was so unsure if it was good to die or not, that he ran away. And after a few years in which he grew out and learned about his powers, he also figured, that it would have been a gorgerous idea to murder the creators...

Years later, Azrasil kept living in exile, far away from anybody, in a giant mountain. Because of his amazing body, he was able to overcome every terrain, go trough day and night, not get harmed very quickly and for most, survive very well. He kept also remembering how his creators called him a fail, and a senseless object that needs to be remade. This, in fact, is the only thing Azrasil took to his heart, and also blended his emotions. Fro the most of his lifetime, he walked trough his life without any emotions. He feld hunger when he needed food, thirsty when he needed water, and tired  when he needed sleep. But other than that, he didnt feel anything - nothing. No hate, no luck, no pain...nothing.

But as years passed, Azrasil started to steal newspapers, and started to listen to what happened outside of his exile. And when he noticed that he had lived more than a thousand years in exile, he was shoced - and learned another emotion of course. Soon he learned that Gavoratizon had eliminated the creators of his...and after a while, he noticed that these creators also have had created himself. And for the first time in his life, he feld something like he wanted to hug Gavoratizon. To hug him and thank him for removing these idiots. Because eventhough he hadn't had any emotions over the years, he still had his thoughts. And soon after he had heared about what happened, he had reviewed the events and had feld some sort of hate. But just after he learned that Gavoratizon and he himself shared the same creators, the same bastards that wanted to kill everyone, he started feeling hate against them.

He has been looking, and also finding Gavoratizon. He now is a tight shadow of Gavo, trying to explore the world with him. But his naivity and childish thoughts, and the fact that he didnt even know everything about himself keeps forching him to the question: Who am I?

Additional description

Can lift up to 500 kg easyly with one hand.
Can possibly punch one with less weight tham himself right thru a wall which is at most 5 meters thick.
Can go crosseyed so far that he can watch two walls like a normal person stood infront of them - and that at the same time. He can even return to normal again.

He is a very quiet person, but like Gavo, very straight once he talks.
He is never off-guard; since he can go cross-eyed very fast and switch between that - or just cross-eye one eye and let the other stay normal - he sees everything. And plus his view-span is far wider than any usual dragon, he can easyly look behind his shoulder, in a small radius, when going crosseyed.
He is aware that he is a demon, and he is quickly learning how his dark power works.
He is not immportal, but a perfect survivor. You may think he is dead, but he isn't. He can stop his pulse from moving for quite a while, since he is able to move his soul out of his body, and later, back in.
He can control others, once his soul has wrapped itself around the target soul, so that he can control the body of the original soul, and the "slave"-soul must watch, or try to punch itself free from the wrap.
Try to not look into his eyes - he sees your true emotions through your eyes faster as you may want.

He is not able to decide, what is right or wrong. So he wont hurt anyone, and wont let anyone hurt him, unless they give him a reason he could belive. He knows that Gavoratizon hurts others, but he is not sure if that is right or not. He is not even sure, if sexuallity is right or not, since he was created. Is life wrong or right? Is the world wrong or right? Is being a creation wrong or right?

His body can transform into entire darkness and stick to another person. Once he does, these particles become transparent, and cant be seen - but if one touched it, they could feel it - anymore. This way he can stick to people, move from one to another, or take his time taking these over and corrupt others and use their body instead of his. This way, once he takes over, the particles seem to grow into the other's body. He then can grow his wings or other body parts out of that other body and use it if needed.
If he decides to take one over, it hurts. But it does not kill them. When he notices that his take-over would kill one, he stops immedentially. Because he doesn't know, what is right or wrong...

He is easyly led by his childish thinking. Telling him something fancy, that pokes his feelings in a positive way, will make someone have him for them. For example: When he figured that Gavoratizon killed the creators, he was curios about Gavoratizon.

One last warning: He doesn't know his entire power. Even if he screams, he will produce a shockwave for which one would need mana...which he doesnt. Wherever the darkness is, he can use his magic. And when there is no darkness, he will find his energy in the dark thoughts of a person.

But keep in mind: He doesn't know, what is right or wrong.


He likes being around Gavoratizon.
He likes being alone.
He likes singing very aggresive songs in his ancient language, a demonic language.
He likes to listen to the nature - like birds, the water and alike.
He likes the warmth, although his body is colder than ice.
He likes sleeping on something soft. In the past he had tried to sleep on enimals, without killing them. But these animals feared his view; a black dragon with glaring red eyes....and kept running away.
He likes to lift or pull something extremly heavy. Since he has nothing where he can let out all of his frustration, or to simply do something, he lifts up everything he sees. Mostly, he cuts trees and starts lifting them up and walking them around on both of his arms through a forest till he is worn out (and that can take quite a while).


He dislikes remembering his creation. Yes, he remembers everything, from start to end.
He dislikes remembering his creators. He knows their names, faces, bodies and species.
He dislikes the fact that he doesn't know himself.
He dislikes that he doesn't know, what would be right, or what would be wrong.
He dislikes being asked questions that go above his horizon.
He dislikes it when many people talk to him at once. It happened once, and he screamed so loud and powerfull, that his magic emerged and a shockwave slapped everyone in a circle of 20 meters far, far away.


Who he calls his friend: Gavoratizon


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: He has to be shown some things too, he is not very wise in that kind so far.
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