The Hybrid-Angel (Ariona-Merya Lovia) The Hybrid-Angel

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Basic Details

Species: Dragon/Phoenix Hybrid
Sex: Herm
Orientation: Bisexual
Place of birth: World of Phoenixes, Shrine of Life


Height: 2,05m
Weight: 93kg
Eye color: Gold
Eye style: Dragonic
Hair color: Silver
Hair style: full and wide.
Hair length: Reaches her knees.


Makeup: Doesn't need any :)
Clothing: Why should a beauty like hir wear any? o.o
Additional appearance details: Shi sometimes wears a necklance - not often, but when she feels like it, shi does. Otherwise she just wears some random but fitting cloth to hide hir junk - but she also appears ndue from time to time.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Middle
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Ariona was popular once shi was born. shi was the first hybrid of a dragon and a phoenix, which gave hir the title of a unique hybrid. Hir mother was a demi-god, and hir father was a very well known and respected man at the goverment. She was a dragon, and he was a phoenix.

Soon, shi became quite famous because of hir beauty, and hir unique species. But also, there would ahve been many haters, and many people that wanted hir really bad as their mate or at least for a One-Night-Stand. But shi decelined many people, since shi was used to alot of respect and friendlyness that hir parents would have taught hir. Because of that, shi didnt like most males and females, simply because they were unpolite, showed an obvious wish of owning hir and only mating hir, but not really loving hir. And also, the wish for sex was just too common in most persons eyes. And, most people thought shi was a female. But when shi was holding a speech at hir school, and one called hir a female, she dropped her pants and proofed the opposite.

A few years after hir school, shi started to step into a govermental career, starting to lead the yet ancient world of phoenixes, keep things working and the people happy. But since shi was the result of two species, shi also had to do many work at the dragon realms from where hir father was from - which shi didn't mind at all. Both sides seemed to like and love hir alot, but the fact that most persons only wanted one thing from hir started to drive hir crazy.

When hir career was at a high spot and hir fame was rich and high, males started to constantly try to break hir door. Luckyly it was protected by the demi-god powers of hir mother. Otherwise shi wouldn't be a vigrin anymore very soon. In fact, over all those years, shi was still a vigrin.
But it didnt take many years untill shi finally met the person which shi liked really alot and cared for as well. After many years of living with him, she was not a vigrin anymore, and a very proud hybrid. But shi soon had to see how cruel the world was; when shi came home from work, hir husbend was laying dead on the floor, stabbed with a giant sword.

This was one of the many reasons why shi started to prepair hir leave. Shi talked with hir parents and they understood hir situation, and shi soon disappeared entirely - from both realms.
People didnt like the fact that the cutie was gone, and started to search for hir, but without success. By still being in contact with hir parents, shi managed to live without any major problems for many many years. Shi learned how to live in nature, and shi learned what hir powers were. Because shi was the daughter of a demi-god, shi found out that she had a few unique abillities. One being the abillity of changing her appearence entirely. So she changed into a full dragon, and returned to hir parents here and then, to get real and normal food, a shower any anything that would be in hir needs. It was quite easy to stay hidden - because shi apepared as a quite old and ugly dragon most of the time when shi made hir way into the popularity.

But years passed, and soon, hir parents passed out as well due to their age. Shi was gifted with a very long lifespan and things that shi didn't even know about at this time, even after all those years. Shi was the one managing the funerals and even appeared as hir real self to give hir parents the honor that they deserved.

Years later, while living between an exile and a public live, hi found the place where shi was born - the Shrine of Life. This place was known for being a connection to the dead souls. And, that there used to life the so called Life Phoenix, or Phoenix of Life. Later on, shi figured out that this phoenix was still alive, but shi never found her...which saddened hir a little. Shi spend all day and night at this place, without much food or water, learning about all her abillitites, reading all those books at the library, and exploring the entire temple where the shrine was. And it soon turned out that shi was a demi-god hirself!

Shi figured out, that shi would have at least a twice as long lifespan as hir mother, and even could adopt hir mom's abillities. But shi was in need for more knowledge.
When she took a nap at the temple, shi heared a voice, and shi knew it was the ancient Life-Phoenix. This voice told her about hir parents' abillities, and how shi could adopt them, taught hir how to use hir own stuff and showed alot of knowledge and wisedom to hir. And before shi could really think about it, shi understood where that phoenix was. The Life-Phoenix was a being that traveled in between the dimensions of those that are dead, and those tht are alive.
Soon, shi decided to leave this phoenix on her own and to not interrupt her anymore. Shi thanked the phoenix, and traveled into the forest again.

Years passed again, in which shi soon only lived in hir exile. But when she was sleeping one night, somebody found and interrupted her during her short slumber. This person was a dragon, and raped, abused and hurt her to an extreme. Hir screamings and crying wasnt heared by anybody. The dragon managed to esxape once shi managed to free hirself. With a short knife that shi owned, shi cut off the dragons dick and made him impotent for his entire life. But shi was left with the sperm inside hirself, and the most problem was, that she knew that she could become preggy...

Months later, hir deepest fear turned out to be true. The dragon peggyfied hir, With hir knife, she stabbed the kid, and nearly killed hirself meanwhile. Many depressing years turned by, and shi decided to leave this and the other realm shi used to live in. Shi found hir way back to the temple of the Life-Phoenix and asked her to send her far, far away. The Life-Phoenix heared her deep wish and did just as shi wanted - leaving a golden feather in hir pocket. Shi knew that this feather was the key to the Life-Phoenix if shi ever needed her again. Praying to her like a goddes, she found hirself in a different world, at a beach. She was at Sa'Eti now.

Additional description

Shi is easyly 2,32 meters tall, has a wing-span of 3 meters each and has a pretty thin bot long tail. Hir head is a usual dragons head, with small ears and wide open eyes which have a friendly look within. Also shi has quite sharp teeth and a very long and split tonge. The scales on hir body are very soft and smooth, and not really protective. Its quite easy to break trough them... Hir wings are all covered with feathers, so is hir hermhood, chest and the back of hir neck which is hidden under hir hair. Shi has only B sized breasts, small but enough to fill a hand. ;)

Shi is a very open person, but extremly polite. Things can go very funny with her, once people show to hir that they are truthful and nice to hir. Also shi is quite protective and used to protect hir husband with hir life. But the day he got murdered, she wasn't there to protect him, which still makes her extremly sad for his death.

Since shi is a demi-god, hir abillities include the changing of hir appearance, others appearance, extremly well healing magic, control over many parts of the nature - including the wind as well - and the abillity to see extremly well during night. Without any light, shi can make her vision to the situation of daylight. So shi can see like it was daylight - with all the brightness and shading - even when it is night.


Shi likes politeness, happyness and truthfulness. Because of the abuse that was done to hir, shi wants males to be true to her and likes it when they show thigns else than sexual wishes to hir and try to converse about nice things with hir.


Unpolite people, rudeness, rape and everything that is mean. One more thing shi dislikes is obviously hornyness or naughtyness. Shi just hates to see the sexual wish in peoples eyes. True, shi likes flirting and shi is quite open for a bedroom-safari - but only when those people aren't too dependent on sex. Also, shi dislikes it when somebody is in a relationship and sleeps with another person - Shi won't sleep with such persons at all. Only if their mate gave the permissions for such.


Hir parents are dead and burried in the world of phoenixes. Her old husbend was murdered with a sword.

Shi is all alone.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

Drawn by SickStich aka. Lynn

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