Recent characters

Owner: Sapphy
Name: Mivrek
Species: Haxorus
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay

Owner: Ingwie
Name: Arashia Seniji
Species: Dragon
Sex: Shemale
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: Revin
Name: Mahgenta
Species: Dragonborne
Sex: Female
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: Alesaeuiesuia
Name: Alesaeuiesuia
Species: Althrukran
Sex: Herm
Orientation: Not Interested

Owner: Hokoronduvax
Name: Hokoronduvax
Species: Dragon (feral/anthro
Sex: Male
Orientation: Not Interested

Owner: Coventore
Name: The Covenant
Species: Covenant
Sex: Gendershifter
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Al'kir Darkscale
Species: Argonian
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Ashe Vignar
Species: Western Dragon
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Seyrin
Species: Western Derg
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: SapphireSmith9
Name: Martyn Kernighan
Species: Cyborg Dragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay

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04.05.2016 11:24

Hey guys,

As you might be aware, the main owner of this site has disappeared for the moment due to reasons beyond anyone's control. This means that I, Jero, am left as the only one admin remaining and I feel like it's my responsibility to keep you all up to date.

As you might have noticed, the server experienced an outage for a couple of days. Initially the plan was to move it to my server, however problems that Ing and I both couldn't resolve made this impossible. For this reason the Inn is out of my claws, and I can't really access the server to fix anything that might be happening. Outages might happen again. The only way I would have to stay in contact with you guys is through our Facebook page, so I would suggest you all go check it out in case anything goes wrong. I will be posting there as soon as I find out anything. For now, the Inn is, and should be, working fine for a while. If it does go down, I have a backup sollution I can enable, and I will tell you all about it on Facebook as soon as it happens. Please spread this around to anyone you know that uses and contributes to the Inn. We love you with all our feathery and scaly hearts! <3

P.S.: Come on guys, live it up! The Inn is so dead and quiet!

30.03.2016 16:30

Hey everyone.

I hate to break it to ya, but I have to leave the Inn for a while. As I do, I moved it to a VM on a friend's server after Jero's server roasted itself with the PHP instance, and now can have it rest in piece on the sideline. That means, for the time that I am gone (it coudl vary between 3 or 6 or more months), the Inn will simply exist. Jero has access to my admin account to ban and unban people and since the Inn has been rather silent lately, I doubt there won't be big needs for me anyway. Except hugs, possibly.

Therefore I am terribly sorry to tell you that I am leaving this to you guys now. Ill leave friday morning, and i dont know when Ill return.

Untill then, hug you later.

11.01.2015 18:27

As part of the ongoing development in Dragon's Inn, Rayth had - already quite a while ago - written a new format of our rules, with broader detail and a much needed rewording of what my english sounds like...err, "reads" like.

You can find the updated rules at the same spot - the red colored link int he menu bar! Give Rayth a hug for his great work - because it is great. o.o

Kind regards, Ingwie.

20.11.2014 14:26

As I am getting further with the BIRD3 foundation, I am about to implement features and things I have noted down within a concept documentation - that, by now, is outdated for good. That is why I am not posting it here. If you have a link to it, its deprecated. However, I think it's time to open up for something else - feature requests.

If you head to this site, you are able to sign up for an account. This is the place where I host the source code of the Inn's next version, BIRD3. After you signed up, you will be able to see an interface with a few tabs. You can head straight to the repository. There, you will find a tab called "Issues". You will notice, that you can create an issue. After clickign that button, a form will apepar.

The title should be used to sum up what you are going to talk about, and the content box underneath to state your feature request or alike. Further underneath you will find "Label". In here, you can select one that suits your topic. Use "Feature Request", for instance, to point out a feature you might want to see.

Features can be discussed and ideas sharpened - and I can keep track of it all.

Secondarily, I am looking to get a paid dragonsinn domain...but I am not good with names, actually. If you feel creative, head to this site and toy around with names that are similar or related to the inn. You can post domain suggestions in the BIRD3 repository too, or just mention it in the chat.

Please be aware, that 3rd party developers WILL read the BIRD3 issues page, because part of the components that we use - especially the chat - will be looked at by non-furries and other developers that seek help. So please do your best with a decent language, spelling and grammar.

By the way, if you are an artist, you also can use the BIRD3 repo to suggest sketches for new logos! I am going to use the Wiki page of BIRD3 to detail thigs that the community can contribute which I can not do myself.

Have fun with all this!

Kind regards, Ingwie!

23.10.2014 17:56

Ever wondered what a particular user sounded like? Or you're bored, don't really feel like typing but still want to interact? I thought so, too. That's why we bring you the Inn's own TeamSpeak 3 server! All you need to connect is a functional microphone, preferably a headset, and TeamSpeak 3 from Once you have it installed and configured, simply connect to - default ports, no password.

So if you ever wanted to hear that one voice behind a particular user, now you can! Hope to see all of you there someday!

06.10.2014 04:10

So I've reiterated the rules and Ingwie is working like a champ to have them put in, but a part in there mentions tagging and sourcing the art in our profiles. Now, Ingwie is working on some code that lets us check these links for the information we want, but until that is live I have a few guidelines that if followed, would really help us - and would make us look good if artists do come snooping around to see if their art is used.

It is a matter of integrity, we don't want us, or our members to be seen as thieves as we do not condone this type of behaviour - and so that we look more professional for our users.

Truth be told, many artists don't mind that their art is being used for reference as long as people give them credit for it, and unfortunately a link to e621 really isn't that comprehensive even though it does have tags and usually a source link, but that does create another series of pages that we as staff have to go through. Thusly I offer y'all these few steps in a small tutorial.

What we are looking for is this: * Name of Artist * Source link that provides, and/or preferably leads to the artist's name/page * Preferably the name of the character's owner

So I make a profile of a creature, I use this picture of Drayk, drawn by Faint as my reference. There is no picture that I've been granted permission to use on E621, but let us assume that it was there As you would have been able to see in that page, underneath all the tags, in statistics, there is something next to Source: there's usually a link there. In this case it links to the FA post of the picture which usually has a bit more information about the picture than on FA, it is also... a bit more legit than E621 and generally looks a little better too.

The chains goes as follows: [E621 link] -> ->

The links we'd prefer to be used is the furaffinity/deviantart links that goes to the actual image, which links directly to the artist's gallery - and in the description you can see the commissioner's name, Drayk. You don't -have- to link to the character owner's page, it is prefered, I'm sure he would prefer it, but at least mention the fellow's name if you know of it.

In the end your source should look like this:

[Picture] Artist: Faint ( ) - Character: Drayk ( ) - This way you've sourced it back to the original submission which leads us directly to the artist, and you've led us to the owner of the character.

We hope that you'll help us keep your profiles, or in particular your picture references as well sourced as possible for future characters, and gold stars for those who go through the work to source their main characters too.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you, but it is for your own, and our safety from angry artists - and nobody likes an angry artist.

If you need any help with sourcing the art you want to use, I volunteer to help you with the search if I have the time.

Sincerely, the staff.

02.10.2014 16:34

If you are okay to eat some critique - lots of ranting actually - then you should read this page. Talk to me in the chat about it, if you want to.

16.09.2014 19:03

Hai, folks!

I just realized something that I had previously forgotten... Google seems to preffer my old domain over the current one - I bet it is due to the .tk ending. So I have decided to give y'all a chance to peer around and throw suggestions at me whilst I am coding the new site.

Head to THIS link and look at the list. You can also try a new search and other variations or names that are close to the current one, and suggest them to me!

So if you ever feel bored (not like everyone happens to feel that way int he chat =) ...) then you can pick up on this and try it out.

Have fun!

15.09.2014 15:42

Due to my impatient nature for wanting to test out the kicking/banning system, I have caused some problems. Therefore, I would like to take the time to say that I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused for others. Especially Luke. As a moderator, I had felt that it was my duty to keep things in check. My biggest mistake on that day was I had not discussed things through with my other fellow moderators and administrators and instead went ahead with the test without telling anyone else but Luke. So on that absolutely embarrassing moment of hindsight, I look for forgiveness in my actions. Although I had the intention of helping out the Inn in mind, I did not think of the residents’ feelings at all, and for that rash offense, I am sorry.

That being said, I have no intention to drop, but in the future things I might tinker around with, I will inform others for permission for my antics and work with others instead of by myself.


06.06.2014 22:41

As you may have noticed, we've been experiencing some network related issues lately. This isn't under our control as the hosters of this server seem to be having technical difficulties. All we can do is keep permanent backups and hope that this issue resolves itself. We do appologize for the inconvenience.